Hotel & Large Property Energy Management

Energy Management

iHMS through the local control panel will provide access to the current state of heating, ventilation and air conditioning at any point within the supervised system, together with both upwards and downwards dependencies. As such, it provides an incomparable management tool for providing information planning for maintenance, and for automatically alerting engineers to faults as they occur.

Energy Saving Manager, ESM, how it works

ESM is a virtual manager, it is embedded in the controller LCU powered by state of the art microprocessor, it is designed to operate in accordance to environmental policies and to deliver robust guest friendly in-room controls.

ESM monitors and controls the room environment depending on human occupancy. ESM operates automatically in the background, it does not need staff or guest intervention.

ESM is activated when triggered by a door opening event, sensors such as PIRs provide feedback information for ESM to determine room occupancy status. The number of sensors is space dependent to provide best coverage.

Always in control, guest comfort is never compromised

ESM ensures lighting, heating and cooling operate in an energy saving ES mode only when people occupancy is not detected in the room.

ESM ensures maximum saving by providing your staff an override facility to set room in checkout mode (if system is installed as a standalone system) when room will operate in checkout mode

ESM ensures lighting, heating and cooling are restored to energy active EA mode as soon as people occupancy is detected in the room.

ESM makes sure the room maintains minimum freshness by periodic sampling when in energy saving ES mode.

How reliable is ESM?

ESM is not open to manual override nor can it be tampered with in the room, there is no mechanism for guest or staff to change the pre-set operating parameters or to bypass the system. This ensures lighting and HVAC operates in true energy efficiency mode when the room is not occupied.

What else can be included in Energy saving mode?

  • Under floor heating
  • Demister
  • Heated towel rail

What information can I get from the ESM?

Energy saving logs are saved and displayed in graphical management reports for all rooms. Data collected can be used to alert engineering department if the trend is abnormal, e.g. if a room never gets into energy saving ES mode would suggest failure of monitoring devices i.e. PIR or door switch. This feature ensures maximum energy saving is generated from every room.

Guest services

From public areas to private guest rooms, iHMS delivers instant and accurate response to any comfort level. All guest services can be controlled from wall switch plates and or a range of LCD control consoles, either free-standing or incorporated into the room furniture.

  • guests can control their own in-room security systems
  • services requests such as 'do not disturb' and 'make up room' can be electronically posted to relevant departments
  • on-site pagers can be alerted with informative messages for rapid response
  • management receive a visible audit trail with comprehensive reports

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