Guestroom Lighting for Hotels, Hotel Rooms and Large Properties

Guestroom Lighting Control

iHMS software is a multi-layer management system that allows guests and management to control every aspect of hotel life. It integrates seamlessly with hotel management systems and third party interfaces such as property management systems (PMS), CCTV, fire and smoke alarms, telephones and public information display panels.


Our software can be configured to supply simple solutions or comprehensive full lighting control such as dimming, scene and mood setting, and zoning facilities.

  • safe and cost-effective systems
  • uses energy-saving, extra low-voltage technology
  • switches and controls can be encased in bespoke décor to suit individual requirements
  • choice of activation methods using wall switch plates, multi-lingual colour LCD touch screen consoles, IR handheld remotes


The iHMS system together with iHMS software will give you access you to the current state of heating, ventilation and air conditioning at any point within the supervised system, together with both upwards and downwards dependencies. As such, it provides an incomparable management tool for providing information and planning maintenance, and for automatically alerting engineers to faults as they occur.

Guest services

From public areas to private guest rooms, iHMS delivers instant and accurate response to any comfort level. All guest services can be controlled from wall switch plates and or a range of LCD control consoles, either free-standing or incorporated into the room furniture.

  • guests can control their own in-room security systems
  • services requests such as 'do not disturb' and 'make up room' can be electronically posted to relevant departments
  • on-site pagers can be alerted with informative messages for rapid response
  • management receive a visible audit trail with comprehensive reports

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