Integrated Solutions



From the moment a guest enters their bedroom or suite, the hotel's interactive experience begins. Powered by Systemteq's elegant wall panels and the smart tablet provided, a guest has a host of room control and guest services at their fingertips. From the custom designed home page there is direct control of lighting, heating, air-conditioning, television services and curtains, all of which deliver a seamless stress free experience of complete control for the guest. In addition to this, the guest can also navigate from the home page directly to vital guest services such hotel information, welcome letters, room service menus, local attractions, world clocks and transport information. With an integrated Systemteq installation, the guest has never been more in control of their room environment while also having unparalleled access to information that will enhance their stay.

  1. iHMS - Integrated Hotel Management System

    iHMS - Integrated Hotel Management System

    The intuitive iHMS software suite understands your system structure and integrates with it to give complete control and essential management monitoring. Learn More
  2. Lighting, Curtain and Blinds Control

    Lighting, Curtain and Blinds Control

    Delivering world class dedicated lighting solutions that truly create an intuitive and enchanting bedroom environment. Learn More
  3. Guest Services

    Guest Services

    Deliver a host of interactive guest services directly to the hotel bedroom. Learn More
  4. Audio Visual (AV) Integration

    Audio Visual (AV) Integration

    Integrate AV control into the seamless bedroom control experience. Learn More
  5. Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC)

    Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC)

    Providing complete temperature control within the bedroom environment Learn More
  6. Access Control

    Access Control

    Intelligent access control solutions. Learn More
  7. Energy Management

    Energy Management

    Investing in iHMS energy-saving solutions will boost cash flow by allowing your business to write off the cost of hardware installed against taxable profits in the year of purchase. Learn More