Energy Management

Energy Management

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Investing in iHMS energy-saving solutions will boost cash flow by allowing your business to write off the cost of hardware installed against taxable profits in the year of purchase.


Embedded within the Systemteq processor, our Energy Saving Management System offers state of the art monitoring and automated control of bedroom energy consumption. 

The system monitors and controls the room environment depending on human occupancy. It operates automatically in the background, it does not need staff or guest intervention. 

The system is activated when triggered by a door opening event, sensors such as PIRs or microwave provide feedback information for the system to determine room occupancy status. The number of sensors is space dependent to provide best coverage.

- Energy saving logs can be saved and displayed in graphical management reports for all rooms. Data collected can be used to alert engineering if the trend is abnormal, e.g. if a room never gets into energy saving mode would suggest failure of monitoring devices i.e. PIR or door switch.