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Guest Room Management System – GRMS

13:37 12 August in News

A Guest Room Management System or short GRMS, provides an innovative and effective way of controlling lights, heating and cooling (AC), curtains, audio (AV) and other services. Systemteq has been designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing Guest Room Management Systems since 1988. Not only are we one of the top manufacturers within the GRMS industry, we are also on the forefront of innovation, continuously developing our range, adding new features and designs.

Our mission is to provide simple, scalable and cost effective solutions that put you in control. A GRMS can be installed in new builds and existing buildings, with the latest technologies available. New installations could be added without having to rewire everything (depended on the existing installation). Our control solutions include lighting, air conditioning, audio visual, access control and energy management, as well as hotel and room services to ultimately provide a better guest experience. All of our systems are connected to a powerful server and paired with advanced technology.

Systemteq’s Guest Room Management Systems are flexible, scalable, and designed, assembled and finished in the UK from which they are shipped worldwide Our switch plates are available in a variety of different designs such as metal, plastic, acrylic or glass, individual switches or large panels and a variety of different colours to chose from, we are able to match a large number of designs and interiors. Our HVAC smart room controllers support Celsius and Fahrenheit which are elegantly designed and can beautifully match any decor. The seamless integration of our system components and in-room controllers enable a number of benefits which can positively impact the operation and maintenance of any hotel or building.

Benefits of a Guest Room Management System (GRMS)
A Guest Room Management System (GRMS) assists in efficiently managing a room, either centrally or locally in the room itself. In a hotel room environment for example, systems can be designed so that each room has one controller (Local Control Unit – LCU), and several room units. A GRMS can be completely stand-alone, stand-alone integrated or multi-room and part of a large network. Each system is scalable and new units can easily be added to meet specific requirements.

Lighting can be set for specific occasions such as a welcome, reading or sleeping scene which can be preset to enhance guest comfort. Bedside control buttons provide convenient control and create a comfortable environment. Guest service requests such as maid services (MUR), laundry and ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) requests can also be facilitated and monitored creating a greater guest satisfaction.

Systemteq have always put a large emphasis on ensuring guest room management solutions are moving ahead with green trends in building technology. Energy, is of the largest operating costs for hotels and buildings which cannot be ignored. Over the last decade the interest in reducing energy consumption has sparked great interest. Energy management is not only looked at because of revenue savings but also to reduce the environmental impact which has become a very important mission in recent years. Energy management is one of the features of a Guest Room Management System, switching off lights or reducing the fan speed to a minimum setting when guests are away from their rooms. Every year huge amounts of energy is used because of utilities running whilst guests are away from their rooms. By cutting energy consumption of unoccupied rooms huge amounts of electricity could be saved. Some claim up to 30-40% each year.

Other great benefits of a GRMS are its efficiency and monitoring capabilities. The system could be an all-in-one solution for an entire property or hotel, including individual rooms, public and service or back-of-house areas, indicating when a room is unoccupied to service and maintenance personnel. A Guest Room Management system is a fantastic solution for every hotel or building, putting you and your team in control.