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Integrated Hotel Management System – iHMS

10:29 26 August in News

Systemteq’s Integrated Hotel Management System application, short iHMS, is used with a GRMS to control and monitor lighting, heating, cooling, door locking and a variety of other services in a single room or larger areas within a hotel, serviced apartments, offices and other residential or commercial buildings.

Used with a GRMS, the iHMS is a supervisory, centralized software that can be used to view and control certain functions remotely, putting you in complete control.

iHMS is a web-based application allowing users to use a web browser of their choice such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or any other browser.

All of our Local Control Units (LCUs) are connected to a centralised server. They are programmed with logic to view and control individual rooms or larger areas which provide users with high level access and control of the system.

Using Systemetq’s iHMS is straight forward and simple. The iHMS dashboard allows users to navigate through different functionalities by clicking on icons or menu text buttons. The dashboard is organised in ‘chessboard-cell’ format and very user friendly. Information can be viewed per floor or by function and a menu filter can be applied to view only certain information if required. Systemteq’s iHMS provides the option to define different access levels for its users, giving or restricting access to certain functionalities and menu options which can be enabled or disabled by the system administrator. Once logged on, it enables the user to view and navigate between floors, guest rooms or other defined areas to view and/or change it’s operating status such as HVAC or room services.

Events are recorded and stored in the iHMS database, which can be viewed and printed at a later stage, using the ‘generating reports’ functionality. Reports can be tailored and categorised as per preferences (Maid Call, DND or Guest out status).

Users with the relevant access rights can view the room status, control any room to change HVAC settings (temperature or fan speed), access room service, adjust lights, and open and close curtains or blinds. The room(s) can be accessed by selecting them from the dashboard menu.

The iHMS also indicates if a LCU is offline, in case the server cannot establish a connection to the LCU, alerting the Engineering and Maintenance team with the relevant information such as room number. An alarms page, displaying active alarms, could also be added if required.

Another feature of the iHMS is the data logging which allows users to generate fan coil unit performance (HVAC) and energy saving performance graphs, for a selected time period. The data graphs could also be viewed in tabular format and are a useful tool to analyse whether HVAC systems perform as per expectations. The analysed data can be printed and viewed and/or saved in PDF format.
Energy Saving data is also provided by the iHMS, showing a summary list of guest rooms currently in energy saving mode including the duration it has been in energy saving mode.

Systemteq’s iHMS provides simple access to remotely monitor and manage room occupancy status, lighting, dimming, blinds and curtains, heating, cooling, ventilation and other guest room services. These tools will empower Management, Housekeeping, Front Office and Maintenance teams, providing assurance they are in complete control.

Follow the link to find out what our Partners say about our iHMS: www.alltechsols.com/media/download_doc2013/06/10/Alltech_IHMS.pdf