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Systemteq Requalified for Energy Technology List

11:27 18 November in News

We’d like to announce that our HVAC control systems have requalified for the Energy Technology List (ETL). The UK Government Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy publishes this register listing energy saving products. On the register since 2009, we are proud to receive the accreditation again.

Energy efficient equipment listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL)

Selecting companies from the ETL means choosing products that are most energy efficient in the marketplace. Our HVAC control systems are covered under the HVAC category of the ETL because they are equipped with temperature and occupancy sensors, designed to automatically control the amount of heating, cooling, ventilation or air conditioning applied to individual rooms or defined areas within a building.

New installations or replacing existing equipment can be very costly and many buyers are often tempted to opt for equipment with the lowest capital cost. This might achieve immediate cost savings but most likely prove false economy in the longer term. Considering the life cycle cost before investing in equipment can help to reduce costs and improve cash flow. Additionally, the government might assist with grants or tax reductions using ETL qualified products.

Effectively managing the use of energy by creating ‘zones’ (defined areas or individual rooms within a building), the implementation of zone controls and properly installed systems, can result in energy savings of up to 20% compared to systems without this level of control. Zone controls can be hugely beneficial in non-residential buildings, especially in hotels, offices, wholesale and retail trade service buildings.

Did you know that reducing your thermostat set point by 1C or 33.8 F could reduce your heating bill by approximately 8%?

Creating energy efficient and comfortable living and working conditions is one of our missions here at Systemteq. We are actively assisting in the reduction of energy consumption, carbon footprint and operational costs in the long run.

For more information or to search for a product on the ETL please visit: