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Project: Market House, Cambridge

08:20 05 September in News

Located in the corner of the medieval Cambridge Market Square, the Edwardian building which hosts Market House sits beautifully in its surroundings. Market House is a unique combination of bar, restaurant, and cookery school – in honour of the market, which is dedicated to food.

Spread over 5 floors, the first and second floors feature the restaurant with stunning views over Market Square, whereas the basement and outdoor dining area begin the day as a café and spend the evening as a wine bar.

The client Faber Design appointed MA Studio as the contractor for the construction work and Systemteq for the lighting control solutions. Systemteq provided smart lighting control systems which offer numerous theme settings to adapt to the different functions and features of the space.

Group control was utilised via Bluetooth Mesh to DALI, giving clients the ability to control the mains voltage dimming, single colour dimming, and on/off relay control. This gives the client the benefit of 4 set scenes, per floor, along with the ability to raise or lower the scenes at any time and control each floor individually as they wish using a tablet.

Each floor has 4 scenes to make the most of the stunning light and Faber’s interior design. A cool and contemporary interior makes the most of the architecture while adding a touch of luxury and style to the surroundings.

The Systemteq H2a wireless system runs 48 circuits of lighting which cover all 5 floors. The H2a covers all aspects of the lighting, from plug in table lamps, the furniture lighting hidden in the banquet seating and display cases, to the DALI controlled track fixtures. Keypads located on each floor and a switch positioned at the staff entrance mean the whole system can be turned off at just one location when the staff leave at night, rather than manually switching off each individual lighting setup.

All switch plates used were the Systemteq custom flat plate range, featuring black buttons and a custom antique brass plate finish, to provide innovative technology to the space without compromising on style and meeting the aesthetic of Faber Design.

The wireless lighting control system saved both time and money in the installation costs within this listed building, minimising the need for additional cabling to install lighting and offering an innovative and flexible solution to the client.

Systemteq is proud to have been part of this project, working in collaboration with Faber Design and MA Studio to light up a stunning piece of architecture in an iconic Cambridge location.

Project credits:

Design: Faber Design

Construction: MA Studio

Client: Market House