Control Panel
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Control Panel


The Control Panel is a one box solution, fully wired and ready for installation. With 28 different box solutions on offer, a maximum of 28 circuits can be supported in one box. Through the RON bus communication, the LCU316N controller is connected to output devices such as relays, dimmers and 0-10Vdc analogue outputs. Together with the installer configurable application software, the control panel is a smart control system, suitable for hotels, homes, apartments and commercial buildings, which can operate as a stand-alone system or as part of a network of control panels using TCP/ IP communication protocol.
The control panel is assembled in an all metal enclosure made in accordance to BS7671:2008 standard, incorporating amendment 3:2015. It is designed and assembled for easy and accurate connections of field wires to it by a skilled installer. Each of the one box solutions can easily be configured with a laptop or Android tablet by the installer who can configure controller functionalities on site, therefore eliminating visits from the manufacturer for commission or configuration purposes.


Options of 28 different control panels with up to 28 channels per panel from the combinations of relay outputs, triac leading edge or MOSFET trailing dimmer and 0-10Vdc controls.


Each option can be scaled to a larger system by linking multiple panels into one or a custom made larger enclosure, supporting up to a maximum number of 92 channels per system.


Scalable from a stand-alone systems to a large network, using TCP/IP communication link.


Supports up to 16 switch plates of up to 4 buttons each, giving a total of maximum 64 individual button control.


Each button on each wall plate can be programmed to control one or many (as a group) of the 92 channels and outputs.


Supports mobile devices through external wireless network.


Supports 4 low level inputs and 4 low level outputs for devices such as PIR and door contacts.


RON bus for interface to peripheral control and telemetry devices (wall switch plates, sensors, relays, mains dimmers and 0-10V dimming).


RON – Room Operating Network (Systemteq proprietary communication link).