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Hotel Guest Room Management System


Our GRMS provides an innovative and effective way of controlling lights, heating and cooling (HVAC), curtains, blinds, audio (AV), access control and other services. We are one of the top manufacturers within the GRMS industry and on the forefront of innovation, continuously developing our range, adding new features and designs. Our mission is to provide simple, scalable and cost-effective control solutions that put you in control.


A GRMS can be installed as a stand-alone, integrated stand-alone or fully integrated network system, in to new and existing buildings, with the latest technology available. New installations could be added without having to rewire everything (depended on the existing installation). Our solutions include lighting, air conditioning, audio visual, access control and energy management, as well as hotel and room services to ultimately provide a better guest experience.


In a hotel a GRMS or HRMS is an excellent solution which can be integrated with your building management and other third-party systems to provide a simple and holistic view of each guest room or area throughout your hotel. This can aid you in monitoring and controlling the consumption of energy, provide room analytics, identify maintenance needs and facilitate guest requests. Overall, all a GRMS provides you and your guests with the control and comfort everyone expects.


If you would like to find out more or discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email: sales@systemteq.com

Telephone: +44 1923 248 008


We provide a range of stand-alone, stand-alone integrated or network systems including lighting, control and automation services including:


RFID Keycard Access


Air Conditioning Control System


Lighting Control Systems

HVAC Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Comfort Control

PWM Controllers

PIR Sensors

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