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H2A Wireless Lighting Control

Welcoming a new addition to our wired hotel guestroom management system – H2A.


H2A is a wireless lighting control system designed for the residential and hospitality sectors, based on Bluetooth mesh wireless technology, H2A brings you the most up to date technology at the right budget.


Bluetooth technology is now at the pinnacle of its development with over 6.4bn devices now enabled for connectivity solutions. Our mobiles being the centre of it all.


The new H2A solution utilises Bluetooth mesh and does not rely on WIFI for the system commissioning or for the running of the mobile app. The Bluetooth mesh technology allows each device in the H2A environment to communicate with all other devices linked to the same mesh network. So should a device stop working, the rest of the system will not be affected.


H2A allows you to control a huge number of devices (up to 200 units per App) from the mobile App; from voice control, a range of wall switches and remote handheld control units.

Easy to Install and Programme

H2A has been designed with easy retro fit installation in mind.

Whether your project is a refurbishment or a new build, our H2A control system is a quick and easy system to install. Designed to fit into existing wiring systems, H2A’s TEQ range of dimming products can control any manufacturer’s luminaires without additional driver hardware because TEQ receivers are themselves smart phase dimmers and LED controllers.

Smooth dimming:

Down to 3% (Depending on light source)

Colour temperature control

Colour change (RGB or RGBW)

Some of the main features

• Last light level remembered

• Scene setting

• Linear dimming

• Can control all dimmable light sources

  • Scheduling by time, sunrise/sunset

We offer a range of control facilities for your Lighting system, from traditional and familiar wall plates, to mobile devices:

Kinetic H2A wall plate, no battery required. With sustainability in mind, through energy harvesting, a button push is sufficient to send a control command out to a receiver. These plates will fit either to your existing wall back box or can be installed where required.

Battery operated H2A wall plate, with a 5-year battery life. These will fit either to your existing wall back box or can be installed where required.

Battery operated H2A flat plate, with a 5-year battery life. Our flat plate can be customised in any metal finish or custom finish to suit your interior. Back box required for installation.

And lastly through a range of handheld remote controllers. The choice is yours.

You can obtain our free mobile app

H2A click below


Our system now offers voice control through integration with Alexa and Google Home.

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