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Access Control Systems


A reliable access control system is essential for any hotel, apartment, office, residential or commercial building. Not only to create secure and safe environments but also to allow or restrict access to certain areas within a building.

The need to efficiently operate access control for hotel rooms or apartments is paramount and a variety of options are available. Recent trends and the evolution of technology have resulted in using less of the old-fashioned mechanical keys, moving on to key cards, key fobs or even smartphones to control access.


Our intelligent access control solutions deliver the perfect balance of security, beautiful design, and ease of use. We provide a variety of high quality access control plate materials which can match almost any interior or exterior design scheme required. Control buttons are available in a range of finishes or can be customised to make the best first impression.

Incorporating a room number signage plate, doorbell, ‘do not disturb’ or ‘make up room’ button are additional features which can be added if required.


Whatever solution required, we are able to interface with third party leading door lock and access control companies such as SALTO or VingCard and can be implemented with minimal disruption.


We provide a range of stand-alone, stand-alone integrated and complete network systems, such as lighting, heating, cooling, curtain, blind and access control as well as other services and solutions including:




Air Conditioning Control


Lighting Control Systems

HVAC Control Systems

RFID Keycard Access

Comfort Control

PWM Controllers

PIR Sensors

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