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Hotel Air Conditioning


Air Conditioning (AC) has become an almost vital necessity these days and many guests simply expect it when booking a hotel stay. The ability to be able to control heating, cooling, airflow and humidity across a room, larger areas within a hotel, offices or other building, creates a sense of ease and comfort for everyone involved. Air circulation and temperature can be optimised to such a level that there is no need for individual intervention keeping a room aired and ambient. Fan speeds can adjust using sensors which automatically reduce to a minimum when no motion is detected.


No matter if you need a new air conditioning control system or whether you’re looking to upgrade an aging system, we have a number of solutions and systems available, providing a service that fits your premises. So, whether you have a small apartment, a boutique hotel with just four rooms or a large hotel with more than five-hundred rooms, we are certain have the right control solution that will work for you.


If you’d like to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us
Telephone +44 1924 248 008.


We provide a range of stand-alone, stand-alone integrated and complete network systems, such as lighting, heating, cooling, curtain, blind and access control as well as other services and solutions including:


Air Conditioning Control 

RFID Keycard Access

Lighting Control Systems

HVAC Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Comfort Control

PWM Controllers

PIR Sensors

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