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Door Locking Systems For Hotels And Other Buildings


Access control within any hotel, offices or other buildings is one of the most important pillars to create a safe and secure environment. Systemteq offers a variety of door locking solutions for hotel rooms, apartments, offices and any other commercial or residential buildings. These solutions are not just limited to single rooms, they could also be utilised in other areas to ensure security and ease of use for everyone who should have access. For our door lock solutions we use some of the latest technologies available, such as key cards or key fobs utilising RFID or NFC chips. More modern options are wireless door access systems creating an even more seamless and simple access management solutions for hotel guests or apartment owners. Using electronic technology for your door lock systems helps you to effectively manage access easily and centrally.


We provide a range of stand-alone, stand-alone integrated and complete integrated network systems, such as lighting, heating, cooling, curtain, blind, audio and access control as well as other services and solutions including:




Air Conditioning Control


Lighting Control Systems

HVAC Control Systems

RFID Keycard Access

Comfort Control

PWM Controllers

PIR Sensors

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