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Hotel Room Control Unit (RCU)


At Systemteq, we have a number of Hotel Room Control Units (also called GRMS) that suit a wide range of room control requirements. We can offer stand-alone, integrated stand-alone and fully integrated network systems. All of our control units use the latest technology to help control various elements within a room, apartment, hotel, office or any other building, including room lighting, heating, cooling, curtains and other services.


A Room Control Unit is the ideal solution to enhance guest and resident experiences, by giving them control over their room for maximum satisfaction and comfort. Hotel or Building Managers and Operators are able to control rooms remotely when guests or residents are not there.


If you would like to enhance guest experience, have visibility of room data such as temperature and would like to control lights, temperature, curtains and other services remotely in order to improve energy efficiency, please call us to discuss further.
Telephone +44 1923 248 008


We provide a range of stand-alone, stand-alone integrated and complete network systems, such as lighting, heating, cooling, curtain, blind and access control as well as other services and solutions including:



RFID Keycard Access

Air Conditioning Control Systems


Lighting Control Systems

HVAC Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Comfort Control

PWM Controllers

PIR Sensors

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