HVAC Wall Mounted Control Panel


The Systemteq integrated guestroom control system, provides full HVAC comfort control in Auto mode i.e. automatic changeover of heating or cooling to achieve and maintain set point. In general, mechanical systems supported are heating only, cooling only and heating/cooling . From this wall mounted control plate, guests can select temperature and fan speed to suit. 


  • LCD displays, buttons for selections of temperature set points and fan speeds.
  • LCD display dims down 10 seconds after last active switch activity.
  • 1 unit per Fan coil unit, addressable to match Ron temperature sensor address
  • Fan speeds supported x 4, off, low, medium, high; in the case of DC voltage outputs, with corresponding DC voltages typically 0, 3v, 6v, 9v respectively (final voltages confirmed by DC motor supplier)
  • Temperature set point selection, 1 degree up/down
  • Guest selectable set point range typical 19deg C – 28 deg C (this range can be changed to suit mechanical system , project specific)
  • Room temperature display = return air temperature value
  • Optional Temperature displays in Celsius or Fahrenheit