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Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Control System


Ambient temperatures in hotel rooms, apartments, offices or buildings can be optimised to such a level that there is no need for intervention. Even on an unseasonably warm or cold day the room or building temperatures can be managed at the touch of a button, whilst still allowing for individual temperature changes if requirement. This is a great opportunity to achieve cost savings and managing your energy costs. HVACs can be aligned with movement sensors reducing temperatures when rooms or buildings are unoccupied.


Systemteq’s guest room control system (GRMS) provides full HVAC comfort control in auto mode, such as automatic changeover of heating or cooling to achieve and maintain a desired set point. Our HVAC control systems support both, heating and cooling. Temperature and fan speed can be changed using the buttons on the wall mounted control panel. The integrated LCD display temperature and fan speed, and dims down ten seconds after the last switch activity.


We can customise HVAC plates and panels based on your specific requirements. We provide support and advice when choosing HVAC controls and guide you all the way along. If you would like to discuss upgrading your existing HVAC system or would like to install a new system, please do not hesitate to call us today to discuss further.
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We provide a range of stand-alone, stand-alone integrated and complete network systems, such as lighting, heating, cooling, curtain, blind and access control as well as other services and solutions including:




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