Seamless technical integration 

Identifying any problems with a hotel room before the guest has to report it is an essential part of a quality guest experience and key to the efficient running of the hotel. Utilising the capabilities of the iHMS from Systemteq enables hotel staff to easily and efficiently manage rooms, alerting them to any fault before the guest complains.  

This simple to use system also delivers a substantial financial benefit to hotels by minimising revenue loss due to out of service rooms,  gives quick access to room status for reception staff and delivers a fully traceable workflow. 

The iHMS from Systemteq hotel automation system can: 
- Monitor HVAC equipment, under floor heating system in real-time and report on any malfunctioning units
- Monitor guest room network connection and report on non-communicating rooms
- Report low battery levels on any 3rd party locks and alarm conditions
- Log events with date and time stamps   
- Provide real time ‘birds eye’ display of room status.