LCU316 N


The LCU316 and LCU316N controllers are designed for smart control applications in both small and large buildings, such as homes, apartments, hotels and commercial buildings. The LCU316 operates as a stand-alone system and the LCU316N as part of a network of controllers using TCP/IP communications link. 

The LCU316N is supported by a comprehensive library of software modules for a broad range of applications, ranging from simple to more complex, but customised software can be developed for more specialised control applications. A new approach has been developed to the control software that enables an installer to configure controller functionalities on site, thus eliminating the need for manufacturer to rewrite software to meet last minute changes. The LCU316N provides non-volatile storage of configuration data, which can be retrieved for the purpose of editing and reprogramming. For special cases in stand-alone applications, the LCU optionally provides non-volatile storage of events, time and date stamped using an on-board clock/calendar. Event information is available on demand. 


  • Integrated controller that can operate as a stand-alone system or as part of a TCP/IP network. 
  • RON bus communication to peripheral devices such as wall switch plates, relays, mains dimmers and 0-10V dimming. 
  • Direct ‘low-level’ (5V logic) IO ports for local interface (control panel switches & indicators, PIR occupancy sensing,  door switches, relays, etc). 
  • Support for up to 16 uniquely addressed switch plates of up to 4 buttons each for a total of 64 individual buttons. 
  • System can be scaled up by adding RON devices and external IO ports.
  • Internal real time clock/calendar for control of lighting time schedules etc. 
  • RS232 serial port.
  • Compliance to CE and FCC. 

Software features

  • Simple to use, installer configurable HA(2) application software (configurable through a laptop).
  • Lighting control including soft light control with preset and scenes.
  • Supports highly customised applications.