PIR Sensors
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Passive Infrared Occupancy Sensor (PIR)


The Systemteq’s PIRs 810-5m-9v and 810-10m-9v were specifically developed for the hospitality industry and are a component of Systemteq’s Integrated Hotel Management System (iHMS). The PIRs are multi-purpose and can be used for different applications such as room occupancy detection, energy management, light switching, HVAC control, curtains & blinds control, automated night light switching, access control and security. The PIR is unobtrusive with a small footprint of just 52.5mm diameter and protrudes from the ceiling by just 5.35mm (810-5m-9v) and 9.5mm (810-10m-9v). There are four different types of sensors which can be fitted into the same enclosure for different applications. The unit can rotate 360° and the sensor itself that can tilt up to 20° within the enclosure to optimise coverage of the room or area.


Excellent resistance to electromagnetic noise.


High Signal/Noise ratio to minimise false operation.


Environmentally friendly, lead-free (Pb-free) element.


CE compliant.


Operating Voltage: 9V DC.


Enclosure colour: White.


Lens colour: Black or white.


Installation: 44~45mm ceiling hole.