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RFID Keycard Access

A secure and reliable door entry system to efficiently operate access control is essential for any hotel, apartment, office, residential or commercial building.

Considering security, guest and residents satisfaction, it is prudent to upgrade your access control system from traditional mechanical keys to an RFID access system.


 RFID key cards or key fobs are a great way to manage access to individual rooms, larger areas or entire buildings. RFID cards cannot be forged, and a new card can be generated in less than thirty seconds if required.


Intelligent access control solutions deliver the perfect balance of security and ease of use.

Using RFID cards the system would be able to distinguish between different cards and fobs and know whether a guest, manager or members of the housekeeping or facilities team is trying to access a room and switch on a welcome light scene or other lights accordingly. RFID key cards and fobs are available in a range of finishes and can be customised and printed with various designs and logs to make the best first impression.


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